Support our idea!

We want to create a totaly different virtual world then those existing around the internet right now, it will be based on the OpenSim source code and there will be no Gambling allowed! something that seems to mess up any virtual world!

Of course we are not going to explain our idea on this page and let the whole world know what we are up to, but! if you are interested and want to see something totaly new and revolutionay in virtual worlds, then feel free to contact me for more info! .

Need more info on the open source code?

If you want to understand more about virtual worlds open source codes and Open sim Hosting and services? Please follow the links below..


Custom Pricing

We make Exclusive and non exclusive 3D Models
Exclusive simply means that you will be the only one having the item and the MESH will be set as you as creator, this will be send to you as a download through my website. Other custom orders i also sell in the marketplace, hence the low price. Check out my items here., Prices start from 500 L$ which is a very low price for the quality you get and the time within it is delivered, time of course variates with every custom order this can be 1 hour up to 48 hours, environments take some more time.


We create custom Full perm Meshes for low prices! Exclusive and non-exclusive. All exclusive orders include the .dae download! Almost all our items on the marketplace only cost 199 L$, group members get a 10% discount inworld when buying from a vendor and wearing the group tag! Learn more...